Recipe Round-up: Tomatoes

Summer is peaking and tomatoes are bursting off their vines.  I love the smell of a ripe tomato that’s been sitting in the sun.  Just cut me a wedge, sprinkle with some sea salt or dip in a bit of homemade vinaigrette and I am happier than a puppy getting his belly rubbed.  Funny thing is that I hated raw tomatoes until I was nearly sixteen.  All that joy I was missing.  Luckily my taste buds grew up! Below I’ve compiled a list of some of the best tomato recipes out this week.  Some simple, some a bit more complex, all delicious.

Tomato, Feta and Honey Toasts by Love & Lemons
Though tomatoes are insanely versatile, I find the simplest recipes are really the best for them.  This recipe though very easy combines the lush flavors of bruschetta and tomato, feta and basil salad and kicks them up a notch.  I would use heirloom tomatoes or at least local ingredients for this to make it all the better. Nothing is more local than your own garden, or a neighbor’s! It’s about time you said hello to them.

Make Your Own (Freezable) Tomato Puree by Hot, Cheap & Easy
This recipefrom Hot, Cheap & Easy (don’t you love that name?!) only involves a few simple steps and three ingredients.  Just a little bit of time now gives you homemade tomato puree for the colder months to come.  I love how it is so simple that it can be a base for a million different recipes.  Do you have tomatoes? Do you have garlic? Do you have salt?  Then what are you waiting for?!

Pico de Gallo Salsa Recipe by Laura in the Kitchen (VIDEO)
I think it’s very interesting that she uses scallions (green onions) in this recipe, because as she notes most recipes call for white onions. I personally like the scallions but even better are red onions…in my humble opinion anyway. This salsa is a bit spicy which you can always omit but who doesn’t need a little spice in their life?! Make this the day before a party so all the flavors tango together into a zingy explosion in your mouth.

Lemony Tomato Basil Soup by Lauriebell’s Bakery & Cafe
This soup tastes like a beautiful cornucopia of vegetables from the garden picked at their best and blended into the perfect summery soup.  Plus, you get a bonus recipe inside for the leftover veggie goodness that gets strained out during the process. Let’s get canning!  Oh and did I mention it’s from one of my lovely BFFs? It is so you must give it a go.

Lobster Mac & Cheese with Tomatoes by cookingguide (VIDEO)
My husband is going to be so mad at me for this one.  He loves lobster mac and cheese but he hates tomatoes…weirdo, I know! Hopefully this recipe will convert him.  The key here is to use the best of the best of the best of ingredients. Go big or go home with this decadent recipe.  A great transition recipe into the Autumn season.

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I can see you are new to food blogging but you are an absolute natural. I love the narrowboat! I am in the same place as you in life, in so far as I’ve taken a step back to determine what is really important in life. We only live once…that we know of and life is too short to waste unhappy. So glad you’ve moved in such a positive direction. Can’t wait to see more from you. Lots if love, LB

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