Roasted Chicken with Herb Butter, Roasted Vegetables and Giblet Gravy

Roast whole chicken with herb butter, giblet gravy and vegetables.

I wish this blog was in smell-o-vision because this roasted whole chicken smells magical.  The flesh of this succulent “yard bird” is perfectly flavored by the lush herb butter.  When teamed with roasted vegetables and homemade giblet gravy, you have a perfect Sunday roast to serve to your family and friends.

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Herby Lamb Rump Steaks

Lamb is quite a common dish in the UK but I don’t think it is used nearly enough in the States. It has a mild but flavorful taste that goes well with rosemary and garlic. My mouth is watering already! The herb butter in this recipe could be used with any cut of lamb but in this case I’ve used some lamb rump steaks. Your house will smell amazing and they go great with my Baked Potato Wedges.

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Baked Ham (Gammon)

Succulent slices of carved ham

I love how the smell of a baked ham in the oven fills the house with the most mouth watering aroma that gets everyone asking when dinner will be ready.  This recipe gives you maximum output with very little input.  It is a great meal to serve when you want a proper meal but do not want to spend all of your time slaving over the oven. Continue reading