Simple Yellow Cake

A simple cake that can be transformed a dozen ways.  Use shortening for a more subtle and crumbly cake or butter for a rich flavor.  Simply by changing the frosting from chocolate, to buttercream, to orange buttercream makes this a new cake everytime.  You can also fill with jam and buttercream to make it a yummy Victoria Sponge cake.  Continue reading

Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel)

While trying to make French Apple Tarts I ended up creating this recipe. It is so easy to make since you do not have to make your own puff pastry. I’ve made this many times now and each time I’ve received many compliments because it looks so beautiful and tastes so good.

It is actually so good that I wasn’t able to take a finished picture before it was all eaten!  So I had to use a picture from a previous batch I’d made that I had taken with my cell phone. Don’t be scared off by the pics, whenever I serve this it goes so fast I always make two at a time!
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