Grandpap’s Pumpkin Pie

There are a few things my grandpap is famous for in our family. One is that he has been building his house from 30+ years but the one we are concerned with today is his show stopping pumpkin pie. Every Thanksgiving he would break his back making tons of pies not only for the big meal we would all have when we came to visit but for everyone to take at least 2 pies home with them.

Every year we pile around while we are shoveled out giant portions of pumpkin pie with dollops of my grandmother’s homemade whipped cream and we would ask him to tell us again how he makes them. You would think I would remember a recipe that I’d heard every year of my life but alas I’ve never written it down.

A few years ago I decided to just try to make it on my own. I just kept adding spices until it smelled like his version. This recipe is so good that I could honestly eat an entire pie in one sitting. I am pretty sure that I have at some point.

The spice in the pie makes your whole house smell like warm cinnamon and cloves. It gets me in the mood for the holiday season and makes my belly oh so very happy! I hope it does the same for you!

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Roast Turkey

For the last 3 years I’ve been in London for Thanksgiving but I’ve made sure that each year I celebrate my favorite holiday no matter what country I happen to be in!  Luckily, my husband’s family and friends are so welcoming and wonderful that I am still surrounded my people I love and they seem to look forward to it as well.

This year I have a 9 lb bird (4.2 kg) which would normally feed about 4-5 people.  I picked this bird up at the Leadenhall Butcher in the City of London.  I love this butcher and being that they are in the City there are LOTS of Americans around demanding turkeys for Thanksgiving and they are always prepared.  It is a beautiful free range bird but unfortunately I’ve forgotten the specific breed.  I normally would have purchased a frozen turkey from the supermarket but I was running out of time to allow it to defrost so decided to buy a fresh bird instead.  Please note that a free range fresh bird from the butchers can be pricey but you should be able to find a turkey in your price range either at the butcher or the supermarket.

I served the turkey with Rich Giblet Gravy, Creamed Spinach, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn, mashed potatoes and pasta.  The pasta was because I had more guests that expected and wanted to make sure no one went away hungry.  There was no need to worry though as we had plenty of turkey.  For desert we had Grandpap’s Pumpkin Pie and Del Monte Molasses Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

I really feel so good on days like this.  I know that I’m making a meal that will make people’s bellies smile and while I’m cooking there is a special on television on the making of the latest Harry Potter movie.  I’m in heaven!  So let us get started!
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