Little by little…

Healthy, wealthy and wise

I’m not sure I’m any of those things yet but I know I want to be.  But this morning I realised I am the lightest I’ve been since before January 2013, I know this because I’ve been using MyFitnessPal since then to track my weight. I also use it to track fitness and diet when I get into a health kick. I know I haven’t been this light since I was in my early preggo days with Layla in 2012. 

I have slowly started changing my eating habits and become more conscious of what I’m putting into my body. I say this after I ate my weight in chocolate yesterday, however! Why is it when we see weightloss success we start to reward ourselves with junk? To push our limits? To see how much shit we can actually consume and maintain this new number on the scale? But for some reason my weight continues to slowly go down. At the moment I think this has been due to an increased appetite in my 7 month old breastfed baby, Isabelle. 

Side note:  She is my little gingernut who came out red headed and blue eyed despite me being a blond at birth and my hubby a brunette, both of us have brown eyes. Layla got the memo. Izzy did not. And she does have hands, despite evidence to the contrary in the photo below. 

Back to being healthy. I’ve watched a few fantastic documentaries about diet and I was most fascinated with Katie Couric‘s Fed Up (Netflix). Did you know in the early 1980s there were NO, NONE, NADA reported cases of type 2 diabetes in children in the USA? It was only in adults. There’s now estimated 208k cases! Doesn’t that just blow your damn mind?! I think it should be compulsory to watch. Of course the bottomline is that massive amounts of sugar pumped into food to replace fat is the culprit and the government knows it and has allowed itself to be corrupted into turning its head in exchange for political funding. Lobbyists are monsters. Even Michele Obama’s health campaign for children was not immune. 

I hope I don’t sound like I’m up on a massive soapbox but it’s truly infuriating. Again, says the girl who ate a dizzying amount of chocolate lately. 

My small changes have been education, ground flax seed, chia seed, Oatly oat milk and exercise when I can. I ran Monday morning for 30 minutes and burned 300 calories! Can’t beat that! Especially if I do it first thing in the morning, I feel like a beast! I AM A BEAST! 

Side note: Porridge has never been creamier as when I use oat milk in my oatmeal! Seriously I’m part of the Oatly cult now. And none of this is sponsored though how I wish it was! Who doesn’t love a kickback for shouting about things you love.  Anyone else with me on the oat milk revolution?

So slow and steady. Little by little I am making changes to enrich my life. I envy the next generation who are already ahead of me on being healthy. Properly healthy and fit. 

So as I work on enriching my life and my children’s, I welcome and tips. What other stories should I be reading or docs I should be watching?

Have a fantastical day!! xx

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