I took a bit of a break from blogging because life got very full. I loved doing the step-by-step recipe posts and hope to some day do more but moving back to America really shook things up. 

We are now back in London after 3 years in the States. They say you can’t go home again and maybe that was a bit true for me. In fact we would have loved to move to my hometown of Pittsburgh but my husband would have been hard pressed to find a job there so we went to the NYC area. 

In those three years I can honestly say I’ve never been more stressed, I’ve never had a more amazing job, we bought our first home, we got pregnant for the second time, we made incredible friends who I hope we will stay in touch with always but it never quite felt like where we should settle. 

London kept looking more and more attractive. I missed the food, my friends, the holiday/vacation policies (luckily my last job was amazing but my husband’s was awful), the anti-gun laws… I could go on and on. 

Anyway, I miss sharing recipes and having something that was my own in this world. My current goal is to make a mini recipe book to sell on Amazon, just to see how it does. 

I’d also like to post more about things I like and life musings. It seems like everyone is using Instastories and blogs as their diaries these days. Talking into the camera, replaces writing in your journal. I get it. It’s the human connection. It’s wanting someone else to say, “That happens to me too!” or “I agree!” 

So for now I’m not going to be too hard on myself and I’m just going to post as and when the wind takes me. Hopefully something will resonate with you and you’ll walk with me on this journey. At the least I hope that I’ve helped you make a yummy dish to enjoy with loved ones. 

So hello world. Missed you. 

x Lauriebell

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