Lauriebell Loves: Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

I’m baaaaacckkk.  Or at least for now.  It’s been nearly one year since we moved from the UK to the USA and it’s been a roller coast ride.  We moved to NJ, work in NYC, Layla has started daycare and we are buying a house.  Next challenge: A DOG! I hope! As you can imagine, we are busy!  I am running through life from the moment I wake at 6:15 in the morning until 11pm when I (should) go to sleep at night.  So I don’t have much time to shop.  And as a mom I often put my needs last.  But I’m saying goodbye to those days with my new Stitch Fix subscription! I LOVE IT!!!

Stitch Fix is a clothing and accessory subscription service that sends you 5 handpicked items by your own dedicated stylist.  It arrives on your doorstep either every 2-3 week, once a month or once every other month.  I signed up for once every other month and after the first box I’ve already changed my subscription to once a month.  You try on the items and send back anything you don’t want.  There is a $20 styling fee but no S&H and you don’t pay for the clothes you don’t keep.  If you keep all the items you get a discount as well.

Super excited for my first fix!

Super excited for my first fix!

If you are interested in signing up please feel free to use my referral link below.  I get a little kickback for any referrals.  As do ALL Stitch Fix customers.  Everyone gets a referral code once they sign up and you receive $25 when your friends (who used your referral code) get their first Stitch Fix.

Wearing my lovely dress from Stitch Fix

Wearing my lovely dress from Stitch Fix

They also run a fun photo competition on Fridays call #stitchfixfriday.  Check it out on Twitter and Instagram. Check out Stitch Fix with my referral code and help a sister out!


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