Flavorful Roasted Sweet Potatoes – BLW Recipe

Baby led weaning recipe for roasted sweet potatoes

This recipe can only barely be called a recipe as it is so easy.  It’s a great way to introduce more flavor to your baby’s foods without adding salt.  This is not just a recipe for your children, I had to make two batches of these as the first batch I ate right out of the dish while standing at the counter.  So good!

It’s been a really wonderful week with Layla trying new things.  She doesn’t seem fussed about any type of melon and zucchini is not her thing.  She’s been loving pasta, strawberries and asparagus.  It’s been really great now that I’ve purchased Layla a Bibetta bib (see the last image at the bottom of the post) which comes with a pelican pouch to catch any bits she drops, a high neckline and long sleeves with tight wrists. She loves juicy nectarines and no longer will they ruin every outfit she has!  Muaaaahhhahhhhahhaahhaaa!

My baby enjoying solid food and BLW


Sweet potatoes
Vegetable/Chicken stock cube (There are baby friendly stock cubes on the market as well as gluten-free ones)
Boiled Water

Sweet potatoes and a vegetable stock cube.  The makes of a great dish for your baby.


1.  Cut sweet potatoes into wedges.
Cut sweet potatoes into wedges and add to dish.
2.  Put boiling water into a small baking dish, about 2 cm deep and drop in a veg stock cube. Whisk until it dissolves.
Add boiling water and a vegetable stock cube to a small baking dish.
3.  Add the sweet potato wedges to the dish and pop the dish into the oven and put in the oven at 160 c for 20-30 min (until soft).
4.  Let cool and peel off the skin before giving it to your baby. Sooo yummy!
My sweet baby enjoying the BLW process with her roasted sweet potatoes.

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