Recipe Round-up: Gluten-free Recipes

In honor of my best friend whose birthday is on Monday, and who also happens to have a gluten allergy, my first weekly recipe round-up is for some yummy gluten-free recipes.  Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes a gluten intolerance resulting in various gastrointestinal issues. At first I remember she struggled to adjust her diet but now it is a seamless part of her life.  Surprisingly, you can find gluten is hiding in many dishes and food products that you wouldn’t expect such as steak seasonings, soy sauces, pickles, licorice…and even communion wafers! But all is not lost!  Below find some of the best gluten-free recipes on the net, in my humble opinion anyway.

For more on Celiac Disease you may want to visit the Celiac Disease Foundation website.  And there is a great post for those new to a gluten-free diet by Gluten-Free-Girl.

Me & my BFF back in the day

Make 3 Dressing in 1 Mason Jar | Salad Dressing – by popsugartvyum
This is a little bit of genius happening over at PopSugar Food.  Here you can find the recipe for 3 dressings in one, each step creates a brand new dressing! What is this sorcery?! They also suggest some lovely salad pairings for each dressing.  You can find a basic vinaigrette with an arugula and tomato salad, citrus garlic vinaigrette with a mixed greens and peach salad, and finally a herb dressing with romaine lettuce and crunchy veggie salad.

Pesto Soup with Red Beans, Kale and Tomatoes by Avocado Pesto
This soup is a riot of color in a bowl.  It uses kale which is SOOO in season right now.  The best part is that though this recipe looks so “chefy” it is super simple to make.

Ratatouille by Table for Two…or More
This delicious dish can be served as both a side or a main, perhaps served with a bit of polenta.  This is a UK based recipe so let me translate:  capsicum is bell pepper and aubergine is eggplant.  Oddly enough the recipe calls for zucchini which is usually called courgette in the UK.  I wouldn’t dwell on it too long if I were you.  Just make this and fill your tummy with crazy goodness.

Simple Deep Dish Pizza by The Minimalist Baker
Sometimes one food allergy usually means there may be more such as dairy.  The Minimalist Baker posts lots of vegan recipes and often suggests variations for those cooks with special diets.  This deep dish pizza can be made in a cast iron skillet or pizza pan and is completely customized by you!  What toppings will you pick?  How about goat cheese, baby spinach and onion chutney? Just remember to scroll to the bottom to see the gluten-free version for the crust.

Flourless Chocolate Cake by Lauriebell’s Bakery & Cafe
When my BFF came to visit me in London I made this cake for her.  I still insist this is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever had.  It is moist and fudgy and makes you say, “DAMN! That’s good!”  There are only five ingredients and you most likely have them all in your cupboard! Go check!  Right now! (I apologize for the photography. It was in my early days. Note to self: Must reshoot this post.)

All Natural Snow Cones by Kitchen Cici
OMG I have some black cherries in my fruit basket that are TO.DIE.FOR.  They would be perfect for this two ingredient recipe for amazing deliciousness. Fun for kids too without added sugar.

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