Lump Crab Dip

Lump crab meat. Makes your mouth water just thinking about it. The soft white fleshy morsels make any dish better, including dip! I hate to admit I don’t know the origin to this recipe but it is one of the most popular and requested ones in my mother’s arsenal.

This tasty spread is a party favorite (as pictured above this was made for a spooky Halloween party). The creamy, crabby spread tastes divine on salty whole wheat crackers. A surprisingly simple dish that will have your guests raving.  This dip is one of my favorite recipes from my mum. The person from whom my love of cooking started.

Your dream of diving into this pillowy dip with it’s heavenly lumps of white crab meat can come true today with this super easy recipe.

2 cans of “Lump” crab meat (170g or 6oz)
3-4 spring onions chopped or a small onion
1.5 packets of cream cheese
6 heaped tablespoons of mayo
Salt & pepper to taste
Heinz Chili Sauce (In the UK you can find this online or at specialty shops but a sweet chilli sauce is also a good substitute)


1.  Drain the crab and put in a medium bowl.

2.  Add your chopped onion.  I used kitchen scissors to do this straight into the bowl.

3.  Add the mayo and cream cheese and mix.


4.  Taste and add seasoning or onion as needed for personal preference.

5. Line a bowl with plastic wrap and spoon crab dip into bowl.



6.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes but preferably at least an hour.


7.  After chilled over turn onto a platter and cover with chili sauce.  Serve with your favorite crackers.

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