Deli Platter

So Lauriebell has been a little busy. I finally found a partner to start Lauriebell’s Bakery and Cafe with and her name is Layla.

Layla was born mid-December and I am completely in love with her. I can’t wait until she is old enough to wear a little matching apron to her mummy’s and help me roll out sugar cookies.

Having a young baby doesn’t leave me much time to get to my favorite pasttime, cooking and baking, but this easy deli platter is super handy when visitors come round. It looks beautiful but requires very little effort. This dish is inspired by the many sandwich platters my mum always makes over the holidays, football games and pool parties. The best part is that you can get very creative with your ingredients.

I love to make this on a hot summer day when it is just too hot too cook. My platters MUST always include a creamy cheddar, roasted red peppers and asparagus and German salami. Everything else is a bonus.

Deli Meats – Roast beef, honey ham, German salami, Parma ham, etc.
Cheeses – Cheddar, American, Swiss or Emmental, Pepper Jack, soft organic goat cheese, etc.
Breads – Baguette, granary bread, flour wrap, etc.
Veggies – Baby spinach, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, roasted red pepper, roasted asparagus, etc.
Speads – Hummus, mayo, butter, red onion chutney, etc.

My husband prefers the deli meats rolled into tubes as my mother makes them. But you can arrange them however you wish on a large platter with the cheese. Assemble the breads in a half hazardly way in a basket or large bowl. Finally assemble the veggies and spreads around the bread and meats. Allow your visitors to help themselves and replenish the platters/dishes as needed. See the serving suggestions below.

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