Baked Ham (Gammon)

Succulent slices of carved ham

I love how the smell of a baked ham in the oven fills the house with the most mouth watering aroma that gets everyone asking when dinner will be ready.  This recipe gives you maximum output with very little input.  It is a great meal to serve when you want a proper meal but do not want to spend all of your time slaving over the oven.

Because it is such a simple main dish it allows you to spend extra time on a tricky side dish but most of the time I serve this with mashed potatoes and frozen corn.  Most recently I served in with dauphinoise potatoes and green beans.  The juice or soda helps keep the meat very moist and allows for a very light sweet glaze.  I like adding the clove as well because it adds a depth to the flavor but to each their own.

This recipe calls for an uncooked ham, also known as gammon in the UK, however you can alter the recipe to work with a pre-cooked ham.  Just follow the instructions on how to heat the ham in the oven and dowse the ham every 30 minutes with juice or soda.


Uncooked ham (gammon)
Whole cloves or ground clove
Orange juice, Sprite, Orange Fanta,  or Ginger Ale

**NOTE: This recipe has been updated. Below you will find photographs of two ways to make the same dish.**


1.  Preheat the over to 350 F or 180 C and line your baking pan with foil.

2.  Score the fat of the ham with a crisscross pattern and where each score meets plant a clove.  Remember to pour the cloves into a separate bowl and do not just take them out of the original jar.  You want to prevent cross contamination from touching the raw ham and then touching the original jar.  You will most likely need 10-20 cloves.  However, if you don’t have whole cloves I’ve found that adding a pinch of ground clove to your liquid (I used orange juice in this case) also does the trick.

If you don't have whole cloves to pierce the ham with simply add a pinch of ground clove to the liquid you will use to coat the ham.

No whole cloves? Just add a pinch of ground clove.

3.  Make sure that the ham is kept out of the liquid in the pan by placing it on a rack in the pan.

Line your pan with foil for easy clean up.  Place your ham on a wire rack.

4.  Pour some of the juice or soda over the ham to cover.  Also fill the bottom of the pan with water.  You don’t want any of the liquid drying up and burning in the bottom of the pan.

Pour the juice or soda over the ham.

If you don’t have cloves, use juice or soda with a pinch of clove.

Pour juice or soda over the ham to cover.

Cloves give a great subtle flavor to the ham

5.  Bake the ham in the oven as per the cooking directions on the ham packaging or about 20 minutes for every pound.  Every half hour pull the ham out of the oven and pour more juice or soda over your ham, returning to the oven each time.

6.  Once fully cooked, remove from the oven and wrap in foil and allow to rest for about 10 minutes.

7.  Slice, serve and enjoy!

Succulent slices of carved ham

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